App launch requires Script Debugger then Frozen

I saved a copy of my AppleScript bundle scptd as an Apple Application. Upon launching (opening) the application the front end application dialog is displayed. When the dialog is dismissed, the app requires access to control Script Debugger. I grant the access and Script Debugger is launched and then will not respond to any keystrokes. I have to force quit Script Debugger. The app runs fine when run as a scptd file within Script Debugger. Any ideas to resolve?


The reason it wants to open Script Debugger may be it was saved with debugging on. Turn that off and try again.

If that doesn’t work, since it’s asking to control Script Debugger that might suggest there is something going on with UI scripting.

If this was happening to me I search the text of the script for “Script Debugger” to try to find any tell blocks or lines calling SD.

I re-saved the app from Script Debugger with debugging turned off. That seems to have resolved the problem.

Thanks for your Help!

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