Anyone else worried there’s no scripting support in for HomeKit in Mojave beta?

I’m very disappointed and concerned that the Mojave beta appears to have absolutely no scripting support. I’ve been waiting over a year (two?) for to even appear on the Mac; now it appears Apple will fail to close the final mile in true automation.

I’ve sent in numerous feedback items starting in Sierra; I hope I’m not the only voice asking them to add this important, if not critical and desirable feature.

I’m sick of open source butchery, Arduinos, off-the-shelf dimmers, switches, relays, etc.; and solder projects none of my family wants to see, even if it’s a boon.

I’m just simply ready to pay 5 to 7 times the amount of Alexa and Google home devices so my Mac can truly start to automate things for me based on internal and external sensors, as well as third-party app needs, without trying to kluge ancient X-10 and homegrown hardware. Plus it all wraps into iOS, and Siri, for free.

Please, please, please, take a moment to request script ability in for macOS Mojave. Maybe if enough voices are heard, we might see scriptability by 10.15.

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Sure. But Marzipan generally worries me.

More worried by the fragile security of the ‘internet of things’.

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