Any interesting Dash docset?

I was wondering which docsets you find useful when you work on AS/ASObjC with Dash ?

Not Applescript directly, but for a source of reusable abstractions that fit together well, and for a source of function names for these abstractions:

The Haskell docsets

(as in – I often need a function roughly from (x y?) to z, what exactly should its arguments be, and what exactly should I call it ? )

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You probably know already that there’s an AppleScript docset in Dash, which is reasonably OK.

I must admit thought that I tend to use SD’s Dictionary and don’t actually have the Dash plugin wired up for SD.

As for ASObjC, I tend to just use the Cocoa docs and translate if I need to. SDs Open Quickly is useful here too, as there’s a lot of example scripts from Shane it’ll bring up (if you have the code from his books on your system somewhere) very quickly.

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