Any good suggestions on AppleScriptObjC learning resources?

I’m getting asked for this increasingly more often, and yet it’s not clear to me what is now currently available.

I’m not sure the status / availability of Shane’s earlier pdf books, or what link to give to those that are asking.

It seems a shame that just now when an interest in both ASObjC and PyObjc is starting to get a foothold, the resources that were available a few years ago don’t seem available any more.

It would be nice to have a thread here of links / resources that we can direct queries to.

Everyday AppleScriptObjC
That and Shane’s other stuff

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My book on using it in Xcode has disappeared, but have any other resources?

Shane’s book is good to have, but the many examples provided by Shane, @ccstone, @NigelGarvey, and others is where I have learned and benefited the most.

Unfortunately, all of these great scripts are NOT easy to find.

IMO, this site would be a great place to house them. I’ve requested a member-selectable ASObjC tag for this forum, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. (yes, I know there is such a tag, but it is NOT available to me, and I suspect anyone else).

Another obvious location would be a GitHub site.

@ShaneStanley, while I’m not very skilled in ASObjC, I am a pretty good tech administrator, and tech writer. If you’d like to setup a place to put all of your scripts, I’d be glad to help with the admin part, if you like.

Along with the scripts, a wiki site would be very helpful. Over the last couple of years we have built a very good Keyboard Maestro wiki site, that is easy to reference from a Discourse forum, and fast and easy to update.

Just my 2¢.

Oh, I dunno, I wasn’t trying to make any empirical claims, just hoping to stimulate a thread that would produce a decent list of available resources.

I had (have) both your books. I’d no idea how to link to what / which were still available or what else is out there. But I do get asked about this on an increasingly frequent basis.

I still think you and Matt should get together and do an updated version of his Definitive and both make yourself some easy cash. I know y’all say there’s no money in AS books, but there’s such a dearth, that a new Definitive could likely be a decent source of extra income for many a year.

Anyway, thanks to those that have provided links. Anyone else got any more, please post so that we can easily just link to this thread as a resource.

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