Any good suggestions on AppleScriptObjC learning resources?

(Phil Stokes) #1

I’m getting asked for this increasingly more often, and yet it’s not clear to me what is now currently available.

I’m not sure the status / availability of Shane’s earlier pdf books, or what link to give to those that are asking.

It seems a shame that just now when an interest in both ASObjC and PyObjc is starting to get a foothold, the resources that were available a few years ago don’t seem available any more.

It would be nice to have a thread here of links / resources that we can direct queries to.

(Nigel Garvey) #2

Everyday AppleScriptObjC
That and Shane’s other stuff

(Shane Stanley) #3

My book on using it in Xcode has disappeared, but have any other resources?

(Jim Underwood) #4

Shane’s book is good to have, but the many examples provided by Shane, @ccstone, @NigelGarvey, and others is where I have learned and benefited the most.

Unfortunately, all of these great scripts are NOT easy to find.

IMO, this site would be a great place to house them. I’ve requested a member-selectable ASObjC tag for this forum, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. (yes, I know there is such a tag, but it is NOT available to me, and I suspect anyone else).

Another obvious location would be a GitHub site.

@ShaneStanley, while I’m not very skilled in ASObjC, I am a pretty good tech administrator, and tech writer. If you’d like to setup a place to put all of your scripts, I’d be glad to help with the admin part, if you like.

Along with the scripts, a wiki site would be very helpful. Over the last couple of years we have built a very good Keyboard Maestro wiki site, that is easy to reference from a Discourse forum, and fast and easy to update.

Just my 2¢.

(Phil Stokes) #5

Oh, I dunno, I wasn’t trying to make any empirical claims, just hoping to stimulate a thread that would produce a decent list of available resources.

I had (have) both your books. I’d no idea how to link to what / which were still available or what else is out there. But I do get asked about this on an increasingly frequent basis.

I still think you and Matt should get together and do an updated version of his Definitive and both make yourself some easy cash. I know y’all say there’s no money in AS books, but there’s such a dearth, that a new Definitive could likely be a decent source of extra income for many a year.

Anyway, thanks to those that have provided links. Anyone else got any more, please post so that we can easily just link to this thread as a resource.