ANNOUNCE: Writing AppleScript with ChatGPT

Writing AppleScript with ChatGPT〜The program generation with latest AI chat system

What if a strong scripter wrote AppleScript on the AI chat “ChatGPT”?

This is a summary of Chatgpt, who has published about 70 Applescript books in chat and wrote Applescript. PDF 76 pages with script archive

Count the drag & dropped files / Close all tabs with Google Chrome / Calculate the latitude, and longitude from the address / In search of prime numbers between 1 and 100 / seek the median from the array / Winder of Finder. 800 pixels / Play random songs at 5:00 every day

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Will this be available in English?

When I asked ChatGPT for help in writing AppleScript to do something that Apple does not actually support (determining which Mission Control Desktop a specific window was in), it gave me code using non-existent methods and attributes – they looked right because that’s what they would have been named if they existed. I asked for documentation and it gave me URLs to the exact places in the Apple Developer Documentation where those functions would have been documented, if they had existed. But the code produced errors and the documentation was 404. ChatGPT “halucinated” or “confabulated” the answers.

This book is a light theme book. Quick write and publish is the main theme.
English translation take a long time for me. And…English version of ChatGPT will return different answer. So, I re-write whole contents.

If English speakers are interested in this book, I might write English edition.
I feel quite a few English speakers read books.

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Yeas, so now instead of answering “how do I write this Applescript” questions on MacScripter, we will be answering “Why won’t this ChatGPT Applescript code run?” I can’t wait for this. :rofl:

Like this? (only cover page)

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I’d be interested in English version!