ANNOUNCE:Web Browser Autopilot Guide with AppleScript v1.3 (Update)

I updated my ebook “Web Browser Autopilot Guide with AppleScript” (in Japanese).
This book is a practical guide to automating seven web browsers for macOS using AppleScript. PDF 330 pages + Sample Script Zip archive.

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table of contents
Chapter 1 Let’s automate troublesome operations!
It is inefficient to operate by human hands to collect information and input data. Automatic operation by operating from a script

Chapter 2 How to use the script editor
Basic contents such as how to use the script editor dedicated to AppleScript are introduced.

Chapter 3 Let’s run the web browser from AppleScript
Most web browsers for macOS can be operated from AppleScript. AppleScript support is a must-have feature!

Chapter 4 Let’s extract the information of the web browser
The web browser itself manages a large amount of information. First, let’s check the browser information.

Chapter 5 Open the specified URL
This is a safe operation that anyone can do. Be sure to experience it. After opening the URL is important.

Chapter 6 Capture and save content
It is an important process to leave the display contents as data that does not change or that can be reused.

Chapter 7 Let’s access web content
Introduce different approaches to access objects in HTML

Chapter 8 Let’s operate Web contents as screen parts
“Secret” GUI Scripting that accesses and forcibly manipulates web content in the same way as on-screen components

Chapter 9 Login and Logout
This is essential for processing websites that require user registration. Areas that are surprisingly difficult to clear

Chapter 10 Let’s download and process data
Detect the download completion of files that cannot be downloaded directly and process the files! After downloading, you can organize files and change file names

Chapter 11 Prevent user misoperation with virtual displays
In order to guard the operation from the user, prepare a virtual display and display the web browser! If you forcibly run the script from the screen, the user’s erroneous operation is the biggest enemy

Chapter 12 Let’s get to know various execution environments
AppleScript has various execution environments, and there are things that can/cannot be done in each environment. It’s a good idea to read it whenever you have the time and energy.

Chapter 13. Real-world example: Get Quora stats
Let’s actually access Quora’s access information page and get your own post information!

Chapter 14 Various technical documents. Read on if you’re interested
How to specify application objects / How to check the AppleScript terminology dictionary / Basic scripting of web browsers / sdef of Google Chrome-based web browsers / History of AppleScript / AppleScript error code table / Change history of terminology dictionaries for each web browser / List of AppleScript reserved words

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