ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 8.0 (8A17)

A new Script Debugger 8.0 BETA build is available. You can update to this new build within Script Debugger using the Check For Updates command in the Script Debugger menu or you can download it here:

Script Debugger 8.0 Release Notes

Build 8A17 Changes

  • 1532: Resolved a crash that may happen when compiling scripts containing emoji characters.

  • 1523: Application templates offering a Persistent Global Properties option have been removed.

  • 1521: Corrected a problem in Explorers where the value of the selected row is always drawn in red. Only changed explorer values are supposed to be drawn in red.

  • 1537: A Favorite toolbar item has been introduced into the Dictionary window and a Favorite menu item in added to the Dictionary menu to toggle a dictionary’s favourite status.

  • 1533: The Script Timer toolbar item now correctly updates its appearance during Light/Dark mode transitions.

  • 1526: Resolved several issues with the Template Chooser window’s handling of selection highlights during Dark/Light mode and window activation transitions.

  • 1519: We have improved the way Script Debugger detects Dark Mode. This should resolve a number of issues where Script Debugger does not display all of its UI elements correctly in Dark Mode. If you experience cases where Script Debugger’s UI does not appear correctly in Dark Mode, please search your Console log for Effective appearance and report the value logged.

  • 1539: Pressing the Factory Defaults button in Script Debugger’s General preferences panel correctly resets the default script template setting.

  • 1507: When the default script template cannot be found, Script Debugger now offers to take you directly to the General preferences panel where a the default script template can be changed or cleared.

  • 1516: Resolved a problem where a document indicates it no longer has unsaved changes when a save operations fails.

  • 1538: Resolved a problem where documents can indicate it has unsaved changes following a successful save operation.

  • 1524: Fixed Dark Mode crashing problem.

  • 1522: Fixed an issue where an invalid file in the user’s Clippings folder could cause a crash at startup.

Build 8A16 Changes

  • 1508: Further changes to fix font display issues.

Build 8A15 Changes

  • 1508: Attempts to fix font display issues.

  • 1510: Resolved issues with the My Snapshot Color Theme being corrupt and not loading.

  • 1509: Changed the minimum system requirement within Script Debugger’s bundle to 10.14 (Mojave).

  • 1500: Fixes issue with incorrect display of non-Roman characters.

  • 1505: Updated copyright dates from 2020 to 2021.

Build 8A13 Changes

  • 1504: Addressed issues reading scripts containing Japanese text. This change addresses the issue reported in this forum post.

  • 1503: Script Debugger 8 was incorrectly looking for software updates through the Script Debugger 7 appcast. Script Debugger 8 now looks for software updates through its own app-cast.

  • 1501: Resolved a crash that occurs when opening compiled scripts created with the Script Editor.

Build 8A9 Changes

  • 1493: When opening a script saved on large monitor on smaller monitor, Script Debugger does a better job of fitting screen content to the smaller window. Note this improvement only takes effect once a script has been saved with Script Debugger 8.

  • 1186: Script Debugger no longer removes icon customizations made through the Finder’s Get Info panel when saving scripts. Note this improvement only happens when saving scripts previously saved with Script Debugger 8. Legacy documents created with older versions of Script Debugger will have icon customizations removed when they are upgraded to Script Debugger 8 documents.

  • 1489: Introduced new app icon.

  • 1486: On Big Sur systems, a document’s edited state is indicated in the window’s title.

  • 1211: Color Theme scripting replaces previous access to AppleScript formats, background color, and handler color.

  • 1476: Saving an Enhanced Application as an Apple Application will no longer transfer the former’s extra bundle contents.

  • 1065: Introduced a new search scripting command to automate text search and replace operations.

  • 1482: Switching saved application type (apple vs enhanced applet) must now be done using Save As or Save a Copy As).

  • 1159: Improve the drop files UI and introduce a new option to insert file references as «class furl».

  • 1483: The clippings directive [[*usescriptingadditions]] will add a use scripting additions statement to the script if there is not one already.

  • 1477: Reduced the size of the dictionary window mode toolbar item to use less space. This is especially important on Big Sur systems where the window title occupies space previously available for the toolbar.

  • 1460: Added the ability to choose dictionaries using the Application Chooser panel as an alternative to the Open Application file picker.

  • 1469: Pickers are provided for enumerations and boolean values in command templates produced by Paste tell.

  • 1462: Dictionary toolbars are reconfigured when running on Big Sur to account for the presence of the window title presented to the left of the toolbar.

  • 82: In the dictionary containment view, properties of type date are no longer shown. This is because while a date is an object (it has properties) it is actually a value type cannot be expanded.

  • 1125: In the event AppleScript reports an unexpected error while Script Debugger is trying to display a value, ‘Cannot Display Value’ is shown rather than an Objective-C exception.

  • 1321: In the event Script Debugger is moved or renamed while its running, it will ask the user to relaunch to avoid problems arising from the movement of the application while its running.

  • 642: Searching within the Preferences window has been restored in Script Debugger 8.

  • 1177: The Drop Files dialog has a new option, Paste As «class furl».

  • 22: The Drop Files dialog has a new option, Paste Tell Application With Path.

  • 1072: Removed modifiers that cause clippings and scripts menu items to to invoke alternate actions such as edit or reveal in finder. This avoids conflicts with other modifiers assigned to scripts and clippings.

  • 6: It is now possible to paste multi-line strings into Script Debugger’s find and replace fields.

  • 1178: Script Debugger 8 supports Dark Mode via the new Color Themes feature.

  • 1430: The Build & Export dialog includes fields for setting the Sparkle Info.plist values for Enhanced Applets.

  • 1432: Script bundle documents (.scptd files) can now be saved in a more version-control-friendly format.

  • 157: Command-D no long restricts opening of script libraries to their dictionaries. Libraries without dictionaries will open as code, and others with offer the usual choice of dictionary or code.

  • 1260: Enhanced Applets use a newer universal build of the Sparkle framework.

  • 1058: Preferences now offers a search facility.

  • 1372: User Clippings and Scripts can be put above or below built-in entries, and built-in Clippings can be turned off.

  • 1121: Clippings can now include custom pickers using the tag [[template:custompicker:Title:Value1:Value2:…]], where Title is the picker title and the values are also separated by colons.

  • 1466: NFR.

  • 1180: Fixed another issue where handler highlighting sometimes failed.

  • 1446: NFR.

  • 270: The Dictionaries Inspector’s search now has options to search Used Libraries and Installed Libraries.

  • 1457: Script library popups show only libraries with terminology if the use statement does not declare a property.

  • 1111: The Edit menu contains new commands to cut, copy, move, delete, duplicate and insert lines.

  • 1124: Exporting offers the option to embed third-party frameworks form ~/Library/Frameworks and /Library/Frameworks.

  • 1092: Dictionary handling of script libraries has been fully revamped.

  • 1091: When using Paste Tell/Paste Code with script libraries, a use script statement will be inserted if it hasn’t been already.

  • 792: Text substitutions are now saved in Text Substitutions.plist in Application Support. (File created on modification of defaults).

  • 1439: See draft blog post above.

  • 1438: Window menu shortcuts have been adapted to support the new window tabbing interface.

  • 1443: The Balance command has been improved to ignore delimiter characters within string literals.

  • 1283: As of SD8, Script Debugger saves its settings file in /Contents/Resources.

  • 1129: Implemented Dark Mode support.

  • 1318: Introduced a “best” display for NSColor objects which shows a color swatch along with the object’s description.

  • 1110: The dictionary display has been revamped and updated.

I can’t get the active theme to correctly stay in sync with dark/light mode anymore. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? (5.3 MB)

If you are in Light Mode (via System Preferences) and have Default Light selected, changing to Dark Mode (again in System Preferences) should see Script Debugger change to the Default Dark theme.

Is that not happening there? it’s a bit hard to tell from your movie because I can’t see System Preferences.

Here’s a screen recording where I’ve used System Preferences directly instead of System Events.

recording (4.5 MB)

If the Default Light theme is active in Light Mode, Script Debugger won’t activate Default Dark when switching to Dark Mode. For me anyway.

Thanks. So if you then change the theme manually, you’re not seeing any other Dark Mode glitches?

(We check the mode after receiving a notification that it’s been changed, but it may be there’s a delay between the notification and things having changed in the app.)

Nothing sticks out to me after manually changing the theme, although I haven’t really spent much time using this latest version (8A17)

For what it’s worth, the automatic switching works perfectly if you choose “Default Dark” in Light Mode and “Default Light” in Dark Mode. Of course, then the theme is always the opposite of what it should be (unless you prefer a dark editor background in Light Mode and vice versa)