ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 8.0.4 (8A50)

A new Script Debugger 8.0.4 BETA build is available. You can download this new build here:

Script Debugger 8.0 Release Notes

Build 8A50 Changes

  • 1787: Improved Event Log result legibility, especially in Dark Mode.

  • 1786: The stepper for the Build Number field was erroneously decrementing below build number 1. Minimum is now 1.

  • 1776: Added an event text result property to the event log entry class,. This property returns the entry’s result as a string, as it appears in Script Debugger’s Event Log.

  • 1781: Fixed issue where AppleScript format colors could not be changed by entering numerical values.

  • 1777: Fixed regression where script library dictionaries were not appearing in the dictionary list under newer versions of macOS.