ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 8.0.1 (8A34)

A new Script Debugger 8.0.1 BETA build is available. You can download it here:

Script Debugger 8.0 Release Notes

Build 8A34 Changes

  • 1677: Restored the ability to code sign using identities, similar to the functionality in Script Debugger 7. Signing is controlled through the File → Build & Export Settings… dialog. Further details can be found in the Build & Export Settings entry in Script Debugger Help.

Build 8A33 Changes

  • 1673: Resolved a series of Dark Mode display issues in enhanced applets. NOTE: you must re-save/export your enhanced applet to receive these changes.

  • 1658: Addressed a crash that could happen when reading the Adobe Unit Types scripting addition dictionary.

  • 1670: When dragging a directory from the Finder into a script window, new path options control whether to include the trailing delimiter.

  • 1650: Stability fix for threading issue.

  • 1638: Resolved a crashing bug that may occur when quitting Script Debugger.

  • 1662: The scripting make command has a new boolean parameter, using template. When true, a newly created document will be based on the user’s default template, if any. The document class also has a new property, show code folding

  • 1660: Fixed an issue where closing a document would not close its associated windows.

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Hi Mark,

can you have a look on the setting “Enable automatic checks” for the Sparkle updates in the next release? The setting is always reset to “NO” when you save, even if you set it manually in the Script Debugger.plist.

Thanks a lot!

Apologies, this will be fixed in the next drop. The workaround is to enter just the letter Y. The catch is that you will have to re-enter it each time you open the Build & Export Settings dialog.

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Is there a new version? This link and the one to the last version seem dead. And the one installed here has expired.

–>Script Debugger 8.0 (8A27) on OSX 10.15.7

Script Debugger 8.0.1 was released a while ago: