ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 7.0 (7A16)

ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 7.0 (7A16)

A new Script Debugger 7.0 build is available for download here:

Release Notes

Changes in the 7.0 release

  • 827: Allow Script Debugger 7 beta builds to auto-update via Sparkle.

  • 547: The Open Quickly panel displays one entry for multiple search hits (name, content) on a single file. Relevance is the maximum of name or content search hits.

  • 823: Advance copyright date to 2018.

  • 819: Clicking a window close button while in the version browser now exits the browser.

  • 818: You can now delete individual elements and element collections directly form application explorers.

  • 817: You can delete sub-items items of list and records in explorers. You can also delete global variables/properties and properties of script objects from the variables explorer.

  • 816: If you edit a sub-item value of a global variable (list or record), and then reset the variable’s value by re-running the script, the explorer will correctly display the list or record’s subitem values.

  • 612: The Resources list contextual menu has a new menu item, Add Script Libraries Folder, which creates a Script Libraries folder in the correct directory.

  • 794: Corrected a bug where the Toggle Debugging toolbar item was not available when debugging is disabled.

  • 648: Code completion is again summonsed by the esc key.

  • 777: Remove any existing Script Debugger.plist file when exporting as Run-Only.

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Wow! Seven!

Anything in particular we need to watch out for, or that you want tested?

There have been a few things we’ve discussed that would be pushed off to version seven, so is now the time? (Not sure I can even remember them all, I hope someone was keeping track :wink: )

Our plans for version 7 are modest. You can see an overview here.

The next build will include Enhanced Applets (formerly Fancy Droplets). The explorer improvements will follow and then we’ll begin going through the bug list and fixing what we can in the time we have. I’m hoping to ship SD7 in January.