ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 7.0.5 (7A60)

A new Script Debugger 7.0.5 BETA build is available. You can download it here:

Changes for build 7A60

  • 1143: Resolved a bug when exporting scripts as run-only with the ‘Make bundled scripts & libraries run-only’ option selected where QuickLook preview data remained within bundled scripts.

  • 1144: Worked around a High Sierra and later regression that prevents Script Debugger from properly activating target applications as you step through code.

  • 1142: Resolved a problem where the 'No code signing identities available` menu item is enabled when it should not be.

  • 1145: consolidated some lines to shorten the change text item delimiters clipping.

  • 1140: Resolved a problem where dragging an application into a script to generate a tell block failed to work.