ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 7.0.2 (7A50)

A new Script Debugger 7.0.2 BETA build is available. You can download it here:

Changes for build 7A50

  • 925: Resolved a crash that occurs when a script sends an AppleEvent with a timeout of 0 seconds.

  • 1069: Resolved a crash that may occur when ending an external debugging session.

  • 1068: Resolved a bug which prevents the reloading of libraries when recompiling scripts with debugging enabled.

  • 1049: Further external links added to Help files.

  • 1062: Resolved a crash that may happen when launching Script Debugger with the Restore Open Scripts preference option checked, and when there were open documents which no longer exist.

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Thank you for fixing that library+debug bug…

Thank you all once again for your help testing Script Debugger 7.0.2. This build addresses one particular crashing bug (925) that has been around for years. Onwards to 7.0.3…