ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 7.0.1 (7A47)

A new Script Debugger 7.0.1 BETA build is available. You can download it here:

This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE build. I hope to release this to the public on Monday morning.

Changes for build 7A47

  • 1054: Resolved a hang which occurred when a applet or droplet saved with debugging enabled attempts to initiate an external debugging session with Script Debugger Lite.

  • 1051: Addressed a regression in the windows collection where unscriptable windows were being reported.

  • 1050: Added clippings for the various AppleScript progress properties.

Changes for build 7A45

  • 1043: Added a handler type property to the script handler object to report the type of handler (event handler or subroutine handler).

  • 969: Updated Help with links to expanded explanations.

Changes for build 7A43

  • 1038: Fixed typo in name of appletUpdaterShouldPromptForPermissionToCheckForUpdates handler.

  • 1040: Resolved a crash that can occur when using the close saving ask command to close a document in a non-visible tab.

Changes for build 7A41

  • 1025: Added the PrefOpenQuicklyMinimumCharacters expert preference controlling the minimum number of characters needed to begin automatic searching in the Open Quickly panel. The default is 2.

  • 1036: Resolved a regression where Script Debugger’s Execute command would pause at the first statement of scripts if the Persistent Properties setting was off.

  • 1030: Script Debugger now only opens scripts, dictionaries and text files. Script Debugger will refuse to open other file types, such as images.

  • 1034: Fixed potential recursion issue with Copyright Template.

  • 1032: Fixed issue where script libraries did not appear in document manifests if their use statements included the file extension.

What’s this? Is it something I’d find in the clippings folder?

Its in the clippings menu:

Didn’t install… I have a lot of my stuff in the clippings folder, where should it have gone?

I did a search clippings in the Info Pane and searched the folder in finder for “Progress” and found nothing.

These clippings are built into SD its self and are not copied into in your Clippings folder. Your clippings, the ones in your Clippings folder, appear first in the Clippings menu, followed by the ones SD provides. Just scroll the clippings menu down until you spot the Progress submenu.

Got it, thanks! Looks good

Thank you all for your help with Script Debugger 7.0.1. On to Script Debugger 7.0.2…

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