ANNOUNCE: Cocoa Scripting Course #8 File path Processing

I wrote new ebook about Script Bundle (in Japanese). PDF 446 pages.

This is the eighth ebook in the Cocoa Scripting Course series. It covers a wide range of file path processing, from basic to advanced. This is a must-have book for Scripters who want to use Cocoa’s functions to perform overwhelmingly advanced file processing. Volumes 8 and 9 are sequels and are being planned at the same time in parallel (file processing will be handled in Volume 9).

Even if you want to perform high-speed file operations via Cocoa, you will notice that there are surprisingly few references. Nothing stands alone.

In the past, there was a lot of trouble when handling file paths in AppleScript. Although there are various points to be aware of, being able to process file paths using Cocoa’s functions feels like a different world when you think about the days when you only processed files with Finder and System Events.

After all, it is wonderful to be able to perform UTI-related operations and perform smart processing, such as extracting only files belonging to the specified UTI (specifying both JPEG and JPG as extensions). Advanced processing made easy. Overwhelmingly fast.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2 Practice

Chapter 3 File Path Manipulation
Basic knowledge of file paths
Fundamentals of File Path Manipulation
File Path Calculation
Manipulating file names
Extracting file names
Get localized name of file/folder
Checking the type of the specified path
Ask for the path to a specific folder
Advanced handling of file paths

Chapter 4 File Information Manipulation
About the information of the file itself + meta information
Retrieving file information
Retrieving Spotlight Metadata Information
Working with XATTR Extension Information
Retrieving EXIF information
Retrieving MIME information
Get/set the selected file in the Finder

Chapter 5 File Access by UTI
Basic knowledge of the positioning of extensions/UTIs/MIME
Basic knowledge about UTIs
Calculation of UTIs to UTIs
UTI Mr./Ms.
About Dynamic UTI
Resources about UTIs

Chapter 6 Drive Information
Get Drive Information
Mounting/Unmounting Drives

Attached Sample Script Introduction

AppleScript instructions related to Cocoa Scripting
Cocoa Scripting and Script Objects
AppleScript Droplet
Calling third-party frameworks and AppleScript Libraries
AppleScript mini reference
AppleScript Runtime Environments and Related Tools
List of AppleScript Reserved Words
Error Code Table

Assessment Assessment
Afterword, colophon