ANNOUNCE: AppleScript's 7 Jewels #2 if clause

I wrote new ebook about AppleScript. It is a kind of Magic book. Magician training story. PDF 37 pages with sample script archive. (Written in Japanese)

Index (translated by Google translate)

■ Magic book “7 jewel”

A book of a child who has a dialogue with God (Computer)
In search of seven jewels of lost magic
The first jewel of variables and assignments
IF statement -Jewel
Jewelry that does not reduce the body strength of the loop
Hiled variables that enhance the functions of the casting spells
Comment statement lost wisdom jewel
Log display Easy to check the contents of the variable
End, Jewel to stop spells there

■ 2nd Jewel IF statement -Conditional branch

Transition from the words of God to the language of a human child
Specifying exceptions creates efficiency
Variables that turn cow breed into shepherds
Conditional branch magic that magic makes his own judgment
Express the relationship between large and small
A magician calculation that can examine “included”

■ Conditional branch magic spells introduced

Magical introduction -Conditional branch spells
Conditional formula
Conditional statement
Conditions (described in the magic language AppleScript)
Large and small judgment of string & sorting = sort ①
Large and small judgment of string & sorting = sort ②
Judgment of multiple values
Specify the character with the code (number)
Yusha (= you) status