ANNOUNCE: AppleScript Basic technics (29) Unlock Security Limitations

I wrote new ebook about Unlock Security Limitations to run AppleScript codes (in Japanese). PDF 36 pages.

Table Of Contents

–Unlock security settings

AS does not work in the latest environment if it is left in the default state
Changes in macOS versions and security features
Security and Privacy" up to macOS 12
Privacy and Security" from macOS 13
(i) Accessibility
(ii) Full disk access
(iii) Files and folders
(iv) Automation

Get Authentication Status for Automation
Check accessibility authentication status with Script

–Confirm AppleScript execution program = runtime environment

When executing an AppleScript applet
Execution environment 1: Script editor
Execution environment 2: Script menu
Execution environment 3: Automator
Runtime Environment 4:
Runtime Environment 5: /usr/bin/osascript
AppleScript Runtime Environment Information (1/2)
AppleScript Runtime Environment Information (2/2)

–Other security-related settings

Can’t use Image Events!
Cannot receive files by Droplet!
AppleScript commands fail in Safari!
Do JavaScript settings in Safari 10 or later!