ANNOUNCE: AppleScript Basic technics(27) date object

I wrote a new e-book about AppleScript execution’s aborting. PDF 37 pages (In Japanese).

table of contents

■What is a date object?

date is an object that holds the date and time
Easily get the date object and get the attribute value
date object affected by system preferences
date object affected by system preferences

■ Create a date object from text

Automatically corrected in the script editor
The description format of the date string changes with the “preferred language”
Pick up date information from text with Data Detector
Date object creation process that works regardless of language environment

■Critical point with date objects

Parameter specification for date object
Care should be taken when dealing with dates older than January 1, 1881

■Various calculations of date object

relative calculation of date
Find the number of days in a specified month
Get the Japanese era name of the specified date
Find the time difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Time wait measurement of seconds or less
Extract date object from natural language text
returns a date object in the specified date string format
date object to ISO8601 formatted text
Week count considering ISO8601
Convert date object to RFC822 format string
Convert UTC time string to date object
Handling epoch times