ANNOUNCE: AppleScript Basic technics(26) Abort execution

I wrote a new e-book about AppleScript execution’s aborting. PDF 32 pages (In Japanese).

■ Standard stop method for each Applescript processing system

To stop Applescript halfway
Major execution environment of AppleScript
Script editor execution suspension operation
Script Debugger suspension
Automator suspension
Shortcuts suspension
Visual Studio Code suspension
Script menu suspension
Coteditor’s script menu suspension
Terminal AppleScript stopped
Forced the execution process on the activity monitor
Forced suspension with Command-option-esc

■ Stop check in the loop to actively stop

It is rare to be able to stop in the standard method
How to deal with it: monitor “something” during the main loop and stop

■ Ends with AppleScript execution environment so that you can stop at any time

Never stop at any time!
Sample Script
How to write out the sample script
Execution screen of sample script

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