ANNOUNCE: AppleScript Basic technics (25) Script separation and reunion

I wrote new ebook about AppleScript code separation and reunion (in Japanese).
PDF 32 pages.

■ AppleScript split unit and division method

AppleScript split
AppleScript split method
Ⓐ Handler, subroutine
Ⓑ Script Object❶
Ⓑ Script Object❷
ⒸappleScript library (physical division)
Ⓓ Script file split (physical division)

■ Purpose of AppleScript’s logic/physical division

If you do not split AppleScript, the risk will increase
Purpose ① Improvement of production efficiency
Purpose ② Improvement of stability during description/operation
Purpose ③ It is easy to disassemble in the event of a problem and verify the operation
Purpose ④ Support different versions of apps
The split script increases reuse

■ Applescript module configuration example, assuming overhaul (decomposition and repair)

Disassembly and repair often occurs
Take out the file and check it alone
Introducing preparations for decomposition and repair using the actual Script as an example
Reference material: Data structure of books
Library to process one document (PDF output → connect)

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Please, find a translator. Separation is crucial.

It depends on how many people want to read.