An odd behavior and crash

Not a lot of information to go on about this but just throwing it out here in case something similar happens to another tester.

I’m going through the help file and toying with various features.

At one point I used “shift” key in the explorer to toggle best; source; AEPrint displays.

Next in a very simple script that just got the list of windows in SD I highlighted the term “script windows” and did the “Look Up Definition” menu from Search menu.

Nothing happened. Tried again, nothing. I tried to switch from explorer to inspector using the tool bar and nothing. The screen soon became whacked, displaying artifacts and black in the explorer pane.

I quit SD. It “blinked” out, not offering me the option to save.

When I relaunched, the unsaved script opened (later when I quit SD again I was prompted to save). There was no crash reporter window. I selected the same term and did the look up and it worked. I tried recreating it doing as many steps as I could but nothing.