An issue with compressing applets from SD

I have a folder full of script’s and apps that I want to share in DropBox. Since DB screws up bundles (script’s and apps) I always compress the entire folder before moving it to DB.

After not doing this for a while (months) I tried to do that this weekend and I kept getting an error (could not compress because X file was not available) X was not always the same file but was always inside an applet, but not always the same applet.

I was unable to successfully compress the folder.

I’m going to trouble shoot when I have some time, but that’ss going to take time. I’ll try narrowing it down to which apps cause the issue; try saving them from SE (they’re all written and saved in SD) and see if I can make a 100% reproducible error.

But before I do that I thought I’d just throw this out here to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.


Ed, it must be something specific to your Mac and/or Dropbox setup.

I have been keeping scripts (.scpt), script bundles (.scptd), and non-AppleScript apps in my Dropbox folder on my Mac for years now, and I’ve never had a problem. I have zipped many a .scpt in Dropbox since I never email a .scpt file directly.

I use SD7 for all my AppleScript files, and SE for all my JXA files – all in Dropbox.

Actually I just remembered I have one app created from AppleScript, but not by me.

If you’ve got a specific file you’d like me to test on my Mac, I’d be glad to.

Good luck solving this mystery. Haven’t heard of it before. But I’ll ask around.

Me too, until now. I’ll have some time this evening to test and I’ll see if I can send you an example. I’m not compressing individual applets, but folders containing them, but that shouldn’t make a difference.