An AppleScript that converts the clipboard contents to plain text

A few months ago, a forum member posted information about an AppleScript app that automatically converts the contents of the clipboard to plain text. The app was only available if you bought and paid for the code, and I thought it might be an interesting challenge to create a similar free app for myself.

I was able to do this, mostly because Shane Stanley (as usual) generously provided all the difficult bits. I then discovered that I didn’t need the app, because a far better (non-AppleScript) app is available free on the App Store (Pure Paste).

But Shane’s techniques are extremely useful and someone else might find them as usueful as I did when built into a complete app, so here is Plain Clipboard Text for anyone who wants an easy way to adapt Shane’s expertise. But the App Store app is vastly better if you want something that performs the functions of this one:


Thanks, emendelson!

And for those of us who’d prefer not to use the App Store, you can download Pure Paste directly from the website: