Alternate layouts for the ASObj-C database

Jean Christophe raised an interesting point about the ASObj-C database. It has to do with having different layout options for a document window. It got me to thinking that if a person hasn’t worked with database layouts before they might not realize that it is very simple to add a second alternate version for the way the information is laid out in a database window.

A database in filled with raw information. It is up to the database designer to decide how the information is laid out. In filemaker adding new layouts is extremely easy. The ASObj-C database already has a preference system in place to store a single preference. This preference is which script editor is used to open the script stored in the database. Currently there are 2 choices: Script Debugger and Script Editor. The default is Script Debugger. It would be easy to add a second preference and allow the user to choose a different screen layout.

So if anyone doesn’t like the current layout of a window and has a particular layout in mind they sould like let me know.


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