Alerts and dialogs not working in droplets with debugging active

We are building a Droplet using the common templates.

After setting the “Debug” option when saving (and code-signing) the app, it does work, meaning that it opens in debug mode, and I can step through the code.

However, display alert and display dialog do not open the alert/dialog, and I have to kill the execution to get control back. This is unfortunate, because I have to test the remaining script, depending on the dialog/alert’s answer.

Do I miss something, or is that behavior to be expected?

A temporary fix is to deactivate the alsert/dialog and to hard set the answer.

Any comment is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

What version of macOS are you running?

10.13.6, updated with the newest security updates.

I can’t test it under 10.13 at the moment, but there are problems with debug mode in later versions.

You can test droplets within Script Debugger by dragging the files over the script’s open window.

Thanks for the quick help.

Dragging files over the window is new to me… very promising.

Probably sounds silly but might the dialogs be appearing behind the ScriptDebugger window? We often run into this issue with our apps in general unless we specify an activate to bring it to the front. Would be worth moving the SD window when you expect a dialog to be interacting with.

Thanks a lot: it is not as silly as it may appear; silly is that I did not think about it…