Aesthetic only: SD Notary listed in Force Quit only with icon, not name

This is the least serious problem ever reported about the wonderful SD Notary. If SD Notary is running, and you open the Force Quit dialog, SD Notary’s icon appears but not its name (at least under High Sierra, which is what I’m writing from). I never want to force-quit SD Notary, but it seems as if it ought to display its name here.

I somehow think this issue doesn’t exactly call for an emergency update…

Thanks for pointing it out. It will be fixed in the next release.

I’m curious how that could even happen. If you figure out the cause, would you please share the details, Shane?

The Info.plist somehow got a (blank) entry for CFBundleDisplayName, which you only use if the name should be different to the CFBundleName (ie, localized). Xcode’s plist editor strikes again.

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