About the Beta Testing category

All discussions concerning unreleased versions of Script Debugger take place here. Please consider all discussion in the BetaTesting group confidential.

Bug Reporting

When you find an issue with a pre-release Script Debugger or SD Notary build, please follow these guidelines when posting bug reports:

  • Please attach a tag indicating the Script Debugger version (sd8, sd7) you are using.

  • Please ensure you are running the latest Script Debugger pre-release build.

  • Please include a description of the bug and, whenever possible, steps to reproduce the bug. Screenshots and/or movies illustrating problems are always welcome.

    Please include the Script Debugger build number, the version of macOS X you are using and the CPU type of your Mac (Intel/Apple Silicon).

  • Please report one issue per forum topic. We will endeavour to link back to corresponding forum topics in release notes when we resolve issues.

  • If supporting materials needed to reproduce a bug are sensitive and you prefer not to reveal them on the forum, please DM me through the forum @alldritt or email me at support@latenightsw.com.