A little oddity with Paste as String Literal

This has probably been like this for a while and it may not be anything to worry about, but I just noticed that if I select an empty pair of quotes and paste in as string literal, the pasted text appears without the quote mark.

If you paste the text as string literal anywhere between the quote marks the quote marks remain.

If you paste the text on a line without quotes, the text gets quotes added.

The weird thing is that there are some situations (which I am trying to reproduce) where if you paste as string literal with existing quote marks you get two sets of quote marks. (Seems to happen when pasting into a handler call? But not every time.)

Edit: If you paste into commented text you get the double double quotes

set tableText to my ReplaceText("class=\"MsoNormal\" style=\"margin:", "", tableText)
--set tableText to my ReplaceText(""class=\"MsoNormal\" style=\"margin:"", "", tableText)

→ Script Debugger 8.0.1 (8A36)
→ Mac OS 11.6 (20G165)