A Feature In < 20 Seconds: Show Only Changed Values


(Mark Alldritt) #1

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(Ed Stockly) #2

I like seeing these show up in my Twitter feed!

(Christopher Stone) #3

Hey Mark,

Who cares!

Oh, I do…   :wink:

But I think you should provide a little explanation of why this feature is a good thing for those who don’t quite understand what they’re looking at.


(Mark Alldritt) #4

I hesitated to post this “feature” as its usefulness is subtle. I’ll return to more obvious stuff in the next few videos.

To answer Chris: this is useful in cases where you have a large number of variables, more than can comfortably be displayed on screen at once, and you want to know when one, or more, of these variables’ value changes. This technique removes the static variables, leaving the changed variables clearly visible.

(Christopher Stone) #5

Hey Mark,

It’s not so subtle when you produce a good real-world use-case instead of a very made up one.

(Of course that’s not always easy to do…)