A Feature in < 20 Seconds: Code Coverage

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I don’t understand what this is supposed to show~ :frowning:

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Read the tooltips as they appear…

I see “Hits 1”, etc. But I have no idea what that is showing. The code is trivial enough so it’s not related to that. Sorry, I must be missing something.

Ok, I got it. It the number of times a given line/block of code is accessed when running the script…

Right. The circle gets bigger and the color changes, so you can see at a glance where your script’s time is being spent.

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The link in from the web site says “A Feature in < 20 Seconds: Code Completion” so the title there is quite misleading as this says and is about code coverage.

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve corrected the bog post to correctly indicate Code Coverage.