8A16 Misc Beta Issues Mojave

Ive been testing the latest beta and experienced the following issues when had an enhanced app open/editing:

  1. Switching between Result and Variables by clicking on the gear icon causes unexpected quit of the Script Debugger app.

  2. When exporting an enhanced app it will not follow the default setting of saving to the desktop, it saves in the currently open location of the bundle being exported unless you change preferences to point to a new location.

  3. When closing my open enhanced app the app Script Debugger unexpectedly quits.

  4. When exporting enhanced app it gets mixed results when option is set to export included libraries and scripts a run only. Some are editable, preview and open.

  5. When open Menu Bar App saved as Enhanced Application, closing about window or any dialog quits the enhanced app. (previously reported in all versions after v 7.07)

Please let me know if you have any questions. - Dean

If I understand you, that’s is how it is meant to work. But if that doesn’t make sense, could you explain what you’re doing, step by step, either in an email or in a separate topic here?

Could you send us a sample app where this happens?