RegEx Knife II in App Store

(Mark Alldritt) #1

This is not Script Debugger related, but it may be of interest: RegEx Knife 2 is now available in the App Store:

RegEx Knife is a Regular Expression editor and tester for iPhone and iPad.

(Jim Underwood) #2

Mark (or anyone), do you have a RegEx tool for the Mac that you would recommend?

I’ve been using, and really like the RegEx builder/tester.
But it has a poor UI for saving and managing your library of RegEx.

(Mark Alldritt) #3

No. I used to offer a RegEx editor/debugger (RegEx Knife builds on that old code) as part of my, now discontinued, Affrus Perl IDE. Not sure what to suggest for macOS these days.

(Christopher Stone) #4

Hey JM,

I’ve tried many over the last decade or so, and most of them aren’t very good.

I especially link Patterns and RegExRx.

I prefer not to buy from the app-store when possible.