Recent Items not working

(Ed Stockly) #1

–>Script Debugger 6.0.5 (6A205) on Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G1510)

Is there something going on with Recent Items in El Capitan? When I set the system preferences to a number, it forgets it next time I open system preferences and resets to “None”

The Script Debugger Recent Items menu is empty. It has a deactivated option to reset the menu.

Other apps (TW ID) have working recent items.

I googled and found advice to trash the recent items preference file, but that file doesn’t exist.

Anyone know what gives?


Ed, I thought (and originally posted) that what you’re looking for is this:

~/Library/Application Support/

But when I deleted it, the list of recent files was still present, so I’m baffled. Apologies if this wastes bandwidth.

(Ed Stockly) #3

That was helpful. Deleting the folder from application support and then restarting the mac fixed both the system and SD recent items and recent files menu lists



Ah - it didn’t occur to me to restart the Mac…!

Incidentally, the free OnyX maintenance utility has an option to clear recent items in its Cleaning menu, under the Misc. tab.