New bug in SD7 and one still presest from SD6

(Stan Cleveland) #1

Hi Mark,

These are minor issues, but would be nice to have resolved just the same. I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing these on their computer?

The new issue in SD7 is that Pretty Print doesn’t seem to work, at least not straight out of the gate. Despite being enabled, it won’t work unless I disable, then re-enable it. Specifically, this is in a Result Explorer Window set to show Source.

The older issue is that a Result Explorer Window often won’t auto-close when I close the main script window. I have to close it separately. When this happens, I’m typically using debug mode to step through a script, frequently stopping, changing something, then stepping some more. If there’s only been a few minutes of debugging, the Result Explorer Window will close. But after that, the window gets “stale” and won’t auto-close with its parent.

Stan C.

(Mark Alldritt) #2

I still have these two items recorded as open issues in our bug database. The problem is that I’m not able to reproduce these in my tests here. If you are able to find a reproducible test case at your end, I’m have another go and resolving them.