Library updates


(Shane Stanley) #1

I’ve just published new versions of two of my script libraries, FileManagerLib and Metadata Lib.

Both have been given terminology dictionaries, which makes them a lot easier to use. Metadata Lib gains the ability to restrict results to items directly in the target folder, while FileManagerLib gains the ability to get the contents and entire contents of a folder, as well as some sorting abilities.

You can download them both here:

(Jim Underwood) #2

Thanks Shane. Great updates! :+1:

I really appreciate all the script libraries you give us for free, and keep them updated.

I don’t see a donation link on the macosxautomation site. IAC, you might setup your email with your bank to receive funds via Zelle. There are no fees. However, it works only between financial institutions in the USA.

Once both sender and receiver have setup Zelle (very easy in most cases), the transfer is very quick, often within minutes. The setup is usually done with your bank’s online account.

If Zelle won’t work for you, there is, of course, always PayPal.

(Shane Stanley) #3

Moving to the US is not an option :grinning:

I do have a PayPal account, but to be honest my experiences with shareware make me think setting up and advertising options is likely to be more work than it’s worth. Your keenness to contribute is appreciated, but it’s also relatively rare.