Code-signing in SD7


(Ray Robertson) #1

Maybe it is my imagination, but saving with code-signing on seems significantly faster in SD7. I used to leave it off until I was ready to distribute a script. Now, it’s not painful at all to leave it on. Maybe an extra second.

All that being said, the new resources features are great as well, including the ability to only code-sign when exporting a script. It is great having that and the library bundling feature, plus more, included in the resource pane. I’m sure I will be taking advantage of the extension and UTI filters as well. Great features!

(Mark Alldritt) #2

I don’t think we did anything to improve the codesigning process in SD7. It may just be that the underlying codesign command-line tool is faster with recent OS updates.

(Shane Stanley) #3

We did change the order of things slightly, which means all going well you might effectively get back control a bit quicker.