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I’m working on getting a new version of ASObj-C database ready to post but I not sure what AEInteractWithUser is. Is it a class? I suspect it isn’t but if it isn’t what is it. The documentation for AEInteractWithUser in an Apple developer mirror backing up legacy technologies that Apple no longer has on it’s developer site. None of the docs there even talk about classes.

I’m moving away from classical search methodologies with the database. I’ll still leave the documentation for more complex searches in the manual so if some wants to try it they can. But people just like live searches as opposed to a syntax to describe a search to the database which is run and then a fixed set of records are returned. I even added a third live search for the items window. So for common complex types of searches I’m creating menu selectable preprogramed searches.

There are going to be a lot of changes for the next ASObj-C database. But I think this new version is good enough to go forward with creating keys for searches and other such search stuff. I need to come up with a way an AppleScripter can look up things in the database by the intended use use for the script while having little or no knowledge, or experience, with ASObj-C. I’m am going to assume a decent amount of familiarity with AppleScript and that the users have worked with AppleScript as far as the documentation goes. The only ASObj-C I’ll include will be in the for of a reference, not teaching format. You wrote a great book. I’m not going to repeat that again. The manual actually suggest getting your book to use the database. The book is pretty cheap and the database is free. I think that is pretty reasonable.

Basically I’m working toward documentation a scripter can understand. I’m also assuming the user will read your book to learn about ASObj-C. Coming up with a database strategy is hard enough.


(Shane Stanley) #2

It’s a function. Plain old C-style function.



Thanks Shane. I’ll call it a carbon function.


(Shane Stanley) #4

Carbon with a cap C.