A Feature in < 20 Seconds: Code Coverage


(Mark Alldritt) #1

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(Jean Christophe Helary) #2

I don’t understand what this is supposed to show~ :frowning:

(Shane Stanley) #3

Read the tooltips as they appear…

(Jean Christophe Helary) #4

I see “Hits 1”, etc. But I have no idea what that is showing. The code is trivial enough so it’s not related to that. Sorry, I must be missing something.

(Jean Christophe Helary) #5

Ok, I got it. It the number of times a given line/block of code is accessed when running the script…

(Shane Stanley) #6

Right. The circle gets bigger and the color changes, so you can see at a glance where your script’s time is being spent.