The check for new update is not working


When I select “Check for Updates …” in SD7 it show me the dialog below.


Overtime I’ve checked for an update and SD7 has never indicated an update. I just noticed 7A47 was announced. The update for SD7 I’m running is still at 7A40.

I included the console output while the check for an update was running. It is stored in a zipped file called “Console” I tried restarting SD7 and rebooting the Mac. Neither helped.

I’m not sure if you wanted me to try a manual update at this time. I figured you might want to check some other things out since doing a manual update might well fix the problem.

Console (1.0 KB)

Bill Kopp

Same here. I’ve been manually installing updates as they come in.

I think Check for Updates hasn’t worked with Beta versions since SD 7 was released.

If you note in the release notes posts, I do not say the Check For Update command can be used to obtain these maintenance release beta builds.

During the 7.0 beta builds, the Check For Update command was able to offer this convince. Now that SD7.0 has been released, the Check For Update command only delivers release builds.

Hey Mark,

Even BBEdit has gone to a preference-based opt-in for beta distribution.


Something to think about.


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