Running script in SD in debugger mode generates an error with SQLite Lib2 v1.1.0

I can run the following script with the debugger off without generating an error.
If I run it with the debugger:
Apple Execution Error
Couldn’t write data because C and Objective-C pointers cannot be saved in scripts.
Offending object
«data optr00000000009B680000600000»

use AppleScript version "2.4"
use script "SQLite Lib2" version "1.0.0"
use scripting additions

set nameOfTopic to "anamewithsomerandomintegerTRASH"
set timedate to random number from 1 to 1.0E+9 as text

set theFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Pick  Folder") as text -- folder locate database 
set theFile to theFolder & nameOfTopic & " " & timedate & ".db"
set theString to "create table ThreadData (dateCollected text, timeCollected text, postName text)"
set anotherString to "insert into ThreadData values (:dateCollected, :timeCollected, :postName)"
set theDictionary to {dateCollected:"cat", timeCollected:"dog", postName:"cow"}
set theDb to createDB(theFile, theString)
updateDB(theDb, anotherString, theDictionary)

on updateDB(theDb, theString, theDictionary)
	begin transaction db theDb
	update db theDb sql string theString with dictionary theDictionary
	commit db theDb
end updateDB

on createDB(theFile, theString)
	set theDb to open db in file theFile with can create
	update db theDb sql string theString
	return theDb
end createDB

Unfortunately that’s so. The variable theDb in your script contains a pointer, and AppleScript has severe restrictions on what can be done with such values. This makes them unusable in debugging mode.

The only solution is what @estockly suggested here for a similar problem: