Replacement for Satimage XMLlib?

I would be interested in learning what you guys are using to replace Satimage XMLlib on Mojave and up.

Currently disabling SIP and keep using it seems the best option, but what path should I choose for The Future? I have tons of scripts depending on it, distributed to lots of users.

I am aware of the Satimage “application” workaround, but I am after a longer term solution.

I am currently incorporating snippets of Ruby with Nokogiri/Xpath. (Partly chosen because it is avaliable out of the box on Macs) But I really miss the convenience of XMLlib.

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I am aware of the application workaround. I have tried it and liked it, but it is not quite as good as just disable SIP and use the OSAXen directly. But neither is a long term solution.

Depending on what you’re doing, NSXMLDocument and friends are at least reliable and ubiquitous. And if you can use XPath, reasonably performant.

Thank you Shane.

Learning to use NSXMLDocument is probably the best way.

Not related, but you saved the day with the extremly useful RegEx and Stuff library. That is exactly the level of convenience that makes using Applescript great. Thank you.

I did spend a bit of time trying to put an XML library together, but it looked like it was going to be too much work. It really strikes me as something that needs to be done at the NSXML level for all but pretty simple jobs.

I think I will stick to Ruby-snippets for the smaller projects. It is not fast, but learning NSXML is a steep curve for me; One thing is to get the code running, but I must also be able to debug it next year – probably while something is on fire.

Maybe this code is useful for you.

Thank you Fredrik, that is a good read.