Referencing modal pop-up windows while GUI scripting

Ray: I did your suggestions and the system prefs allowed permissions to be granted to the newly compiled app. However, the spinning wheel went on for 2 minutes as usual, indicating the failure. Strange that only this app fails while others work fine…and that this app works OK on your machine. Tim

FINAL ANSWER: I opened the offending script in Apple’s Script Editor and exported it as an app. Works fine.

Conclusion: THERE IS A BUG IN Script Debugger.

A bug is highly unlikely unless you’ve saved as an enhanced applet. Can you compress and email the offending applet to support?

The offending app has been sent by email as a *.zip

Thank you for doing that.

Thanks for sending the file. The problem is that you are saving it in debugging mode. Open it, turn off debugging, then save it again.

Shane: Ahah! Solved by turning off debugger. Many thanks. BTW, I found out about your sqlite 3 utility and am most impressed by its functionality. Tim

I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but thanks. I ran across your reference to UI Browser and spent practically the whole day messing around with it yesterday. If only the thing wouldn’t crash every single time certain elements change when follow focus is turned on.

Even though I’ve never used a beta that crashes as much as this full commercial release does, I’m still seriously considering purchasing the license. It’s just that bloody useful. No more trying to create navigation by entering individual keystrokes! Once I learned the ropes (including how to deal with the crashes), it took me just few minutes each to recreate complicated keyboard maestro navigations that used found images and other methods nowhere near as reliable as saying things like click button X on popup menu Y. It’s GUI scripting, so it will break when apps update and change the underlying controls, but now I’ll just tweak a few lines of code instead of recreating a thirty step KM navigation. Brilliant.

You should contact the developer (Piddlesoft) they may help you troubleshoot.

In the meantime you can also use SD’s dictionary explorer.

Open the dictionary for System Events. Open the explorer. Navigate to the application process or process you want to control and select the UI Elements. Then navigate to find a reference to the element you want to control.

It’s not nearly as good as UI Browser, but it will get you by until you figure out what’s causing your crashes.