Referencing modal pop-up windows while GUI scripting


(Tim Burton) #22

Ray: I did your suggestions and the system prefs allowed permissions to be granted to the newly compiled app. However, the spinning wheel went on for 2 minutes as usual, indicating the failure. Strange that only this app fails while others work fine…and that this app works OK on your machine. Tim

(Tim Burton) #23

FINAL ANSWER: I opened the offending script in Apple’s Script Editor and exported it as an app. Works fine.

Conclusion: THERE IS A BUG IN Script Debugger.

(Shane Stanley) #24

A bug is highly unlikely unless you’ve saved as an enhanced applet. Can you compress and email the offending applet to support?

(Tim Burton) #25

The offending app has been sent by email as a *.zip

(Shane Stanley) #26

Thank you for doing that.

(Shane Stanley) #27

Thanks for sending the file. The problem is that you are saving it in debugging mode. Open it, turn off debugging, then save it again.

(Tim Burton) #28

Shane: Ahah! Solved by turning off debugger. Many thanks. BTW, I found out about your sqlite 3 utility and am most impressed by its functionality. Tim