Read safari history using ASObj-C

Yes, it’s FMDB. At this stage it’s not a lot more than an idea – I want to gauge whether there’s much demand.


When I posted the link to 3 people set up links to it. When I posted the link to the classes in FMDB 2 people set up links to that. It’s had 69 views (little over 17 a day) and 20 posts in 4 days. I would probably be interested if I had the time to play around with it but I don’t so I would not work with it.

The ASObj-C database has had a lot added to it, the interface is done and tested except for adding the key words. But I’m going to do a lot of inputting now because in the end that will help more now and worry about key words later. I also have documentation I have to up date. So I wouldn’t be doing anything with it. But if you get into it the FMDB stuff I’ll put together some documentation for it if you want.