Property not persistent?


Property values are not persistent? I put this as a question as I am skeptical this is the case but not already reported on this forum. But it seems to be the case. I have this simple script:

property wilbur : 0
set wilbur to wilbur + 1
display dialog wilbur

Each time I run it, without recompiling, the value of wilbur is always 1. Just to check myself, I ran it in Script Editor; the value of wilbur was persistent.

I am new to Script Debugger, but searched for an answer in the documentation. Does Script Debugger recompile prior to each run?

Is this a bug, or am I not understanding something?

Script Debugger version 8A27
macOS 11.2.3
MacBook Pro, 16 inch, 2019, (Intel)

Persistent Globals have been removed from Script Debugger 8. Please see the Persistent Globals Removed section of the Script Debugger 8 release notes for more information.

The issue is that property persistence, as it has existed in AppleScript over the years, is ending. With Big Sur all applets no longer offer property persistence because of the code signing requirements imposed by Big Sur.

For Script Debugger 8, we decided to bite the bullet and force the reset of properties between runs. There are some exceptions: invoking on open handlers does not reset globals.

If you require persistence between runs, we recommend moving to something like Shane’s PrefsStorageLib.

Thank you very much. I am chagrined that I missed it in the release notes - I did read them, albeit, evidently, not carefully. Thanks for the link to Shane’s library - I’ll check it out.

Unfortunately, the link no longer works. This seems to be the most recent page:

But, at least, in Safari, the markdown is visible but the links aren’t active. Of course I could be entirely wrong about all of this, and, if so, apologies for leading anyone astray.

I’ve updated the link, thanks. Unfortunately we seem to have a Markdown issue on the page…