New AppleScript projects


(Shane Stanley) #61

My guess would be that you’re expecting returns instead of linefeeds.

It’s fairly complicated to do, so it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

I suspect you’d be better off using an escape sequence.

(Ed Stockly) #62

As to the other two projects (synching scripts and updating passwords).

I have a working version of the script syncing system and I’ll try it out on a couple macs at work this week. If it doesn’t blow up I’ll post a demo here.

It’s not a full featured syncing system. If files are deleted, for example, it doesn’t delete them on the client system. But so far it keeps the client up to date with changes on the server, and it keeps the server up to date with changes on the source.

(Jean Christophe Helary) #63

Did it blow up or did you just lack the time to post here? :slight_smile:

(Ed Stockly) #64

It didn’t exactly blow up, but it’s still not right. The one issue I have left to resolve is scripts in menu folders (like the the Clippings Folder and Scripts Folder in SD). The file names use numbers followed by a ) in order to sort the menu choices.

In this environment users are able to sort these menus to their liking, based on their most common tasks and preferences or whatever.

In its current format the syncing system doesn’t see a file with the same name and copies it, but that means we end up with duplicates because the file was there but with a different number in its name.

Now I have to write a routine that will ignore the number part of the file names and just compare the root part of the file name, and if a file needs to be synched it would replace the file using the full name on the user’s machine instead of the name of the file’s source.

(Ed Stockly) #65

I’m revisiting this topic (as I do every time the I have to reset my passwords).

I’m looking at BridgePlus and Keychain, how do they work together?

(Shane Stanley) #66

You use one of the appropriate BridgePlus methods to access a password you’ve added the Keychain. If authentication is needed, it should all just happen. The basic idea is that your script loads the password, uses it, then dispose of it.