Need Detailed Instructions for Creating Templates with Placeholders


(Jim Underwood) #21

It is amazing how different each of our experiences is with SD. After a few “misfires” with SD Text Expansion, I turned it off. As a result, I never discovered the “ta” shortcut expansion.

But you’re right – it is very cool! And I just thought of an extension of this expansion, which I often use in UI scripting:

tell application "System Events"
  tell application process "#~application~#"
end tell

(Shane Stanley) #22

We do have a feature request section here…

FWIW, user-defined pickers are something I’d find handy. But it would involve a fair bit of work, and until now no-one has asked.

But before you get too excited, a couple of things:

  • The expansion tags are designed for use in clippings and text substitutions, not direct entry. Some of them can be reproduced using #~ and ~#, but not all, and that’s an implementation detail that could change. You’re of course free to use it, but we’re also free to change it.

  • Pickers are implemented as popup menus similar to contextual menus. And like contextual menus they have no prompt text, and they don’t have any concept of multiple selection — they are not tables. So your specific example can’t be implemented as a picker.

Provide Picker Placeholders with User-Defined Picklists
(Phil Stokes) #23

That’s why I like focused forums! :wink: I can learn a lot.

But yes, “ta” + return(twice) + Fi (the menu has type selection, another bonus) + tab and you’ve got this in half a dozen keystrokes:

tell application "Finder"
	#~-- your code goes here...~#
end tell