Mojave and AppleScript Applets



On Mohave, can I have a standard AS applet that is code signed and saved as run only which contains a helper applet that is also code signed and saved as run only?

I have just tried making my helper applet run only and now the main applet on launch warns me that the file might be damaged etc and then quits.

I thought I might have read something about this somewhere but maybe it was to do with library scripts rather than helper apps. I thought having the helper apps saved as run only might be a good thing for security but seems the system doesn’t like it.

And incidentally should I be choosing to make script libraries run only? Or perhaps what I’m really trying to ask is: can I make the script libraries run only?

(Shane Stanley) #22

Yes, as long as they’re signed with the same certificate.


(RJay Hansen) #23

Just to be clear, is there no alternative to code signing your applet to have it run on Mojave?

(RJay Hansen) #24

Another question. I have an AppleScript app that does impositions in InDesign. It is running fine on the one Mac we have currently running Mojave. However an AppleScript droplet that sends emails gives the error that the application could not be opened. Why does one work and the other doesn’t?

(Shane Stanley) #25

There is no requirement to codesign except if you want to pass muster with Gatekeeper. Please read the article pointed to in the first post of this thread.

(RJay Hansen) #26

Very helpful article. Thank you Shane. However, I’m still having an issue with a droplet. We added the app to the Full Disk Access tab in the Security & Privacy System Preference. If I comment out the On Open and End Open lines and use a Choose File command instead, the script runs fine on the Mojave machine but trying to use it as a droplet with an On Open command gives a “The application could not be opened” error. Do you know why this is happening?

(Shane Stanley) #27

What type of file are you dragging-and-dropping?

(RJay Hansen) #28

They are PDF files. It’s a script to email pdf proofs.

(Shane Stanley) #29

Can you post a screen shot of the actual dialog?

(RJay Hansen) #30

Here it is.


(Shane Stanley) #31

That doesn’t look like a permissions-related dialog. I wonder if the file is damaged, or has been saved with debugging on.