macOS Sierra Issues

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Just to be picky: before Sierra, completion was Escape or F5. Now it’s just F5.

Just to be picky: many users may well be surprised by this change in Sierra. IAC, it does not hurt to state this change, which may require a change in the user’s behavior.

What would really be helpful is if you could list any other changes in Sierra which could impact AppleScript users.

I agree there’s a change that people need to know about. I was just pointing out that F5 for completion is not new; only the loss of Escape is new.

But if you consider the perspective of many users, unlike yourself, this is a very significant change. I’m not sure what the value is, the point is, of distracting the discussion to note that F5 has been a valid method before.

IMO, what many AppleScript users what to know is what has changed in Sierra that they need to be aware of. That is the purpose of this thread.

[quote=“JMichaelTX, post:5, topic:286”]
I’m not sure what the value is[/quote]

Then you can ignore it.

That sucks. And since this reply was too short for this forum, I’ll expand it by saying it really sucks.

I’m torn. On the one hand Esc was so convenient, and the muscle memory is making my life miserable. OTOH, the Esc key is nominally about ending/cancelling things, so the original decision to use it for completion was always suspect from an interface consistency point of view.

Yeah, I agree to a point. When working in a modern text editor, there is usually nothing to end, so escape is unused. I didn’t mind that Apple used it for completion.

My personal biggest gripe is that I’ve been using F5 for Step Over in CodeWarrior, Xcode, and Script Debugger, well, since CodeWarrior days. F5-F8 are perfect for Step Over, Step In, Step Out, and Continue since they’re in the center of the keyboard, so can be used with either hand hovering over them, and they don’t require a modifier, so long sessions don’t result in a cramped thumb bent under your palm. Hopefully the completion key is reassignable in 10.12.

On my macBook, F5 dims the screen. I have to use fn-F5 for code completion.

That’s not good.

The first thing I do on a new MacBook is change that pref to the right way, allowing Fkeys to work as they should.

Exactly as @sjmills said, change your Mac System Preferences > Keyboard:

Here’s another macOS Sierra issue:

Since I’m disabled I’m forced to use special on-screen software keyboard and simply can’t use F5 key. I’d prefer Xcode-like solution where all this keys work: ESC, OPTION-ESC, and most importantly, user-configurable: CONTROL-SPACE.

Mark, woul’d it be possible to make this user-configurable? …which means more accessible for people with a special needs?


It’s planned for an upcoming release.


That’s great news! Thanks