How to read/write the content of MS Office XML file?

Ah. Right. Thanks. Does that exclude 0 too?

I was just trying to say that the values in your example will end in a invalid color for sRGB space.
Sorry if my limited English makes me be misunderstood.

I wasn’t criticising, just asking. :slight_smile: Actually, 0 can be either allowed or not with this:

use framework "Foundation"

on hexFromRGB(rgbList)
	set {r, g, b} to rgbList
	set d to (((r > 255) or (g > 255) or (b > 255)) as integer) * 255 + 1
	return text 1 thru 6 of ((current application's NSString's stringWithFormat_("%08X", r div d * 65536 + g div d * 256 + b div d)) as text)
end hexFromRGB

{hexFromRGB({65535, 0, 29440}), hexFromRGB({255, 0, 115})}
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Yes, 0 is accepted.
Full black is {0, 0, 0}

Your construction for the return line is amazing!


Very nice handler, Nigel. :+1:

Thanks! It’s based on Shane’s and Jonas’s cracking of the problem, but implemented slightly differently.