AppleScript Execution Error - can't find script in non-default location

(Boyd Crow) #21

Until yesterday, Script Debugger was finding my libraries using the OSA_LIBRARY_PATH; now it’s not.

The reason it is IMPORTANT to be able to designate a non-standard directory is that I use the TortoiseHg revision control system. I may have different versions of the same-named library script being employed if I have to roll back to a previous version. It is simply not possible to do that with one central location for scripts.

printenv shows the proper path but now I see “can’t get script” error consistently,

I program in several computer languages and AppleScript is the only one that has given me trouble finding its libraries. I can’t be the only person with this problem.

(Shane Stanley) #22

You’re the only one I know of who uses OSA_LIBRARY_PATH.

As you probably know, this is all well outside Script Debugger’s control — library loading is all done by AppleScript itself. All I can suggest is that you log bugs.

(Boyd Crow) #23

The technique described in my Jul '16 post works. It does not work if you try to add a second colon-separated path, despite examples to the contrary online. As long as I only put in only one location for OSA_LIBRARY_PATH, it works. That will have to do.

(Shane Stanley) #24

Thanks for the update.