Messages 'Auto Accept' and friends

(Phil Stokes) #1

It’s just been pointed out to me that if you look in


you’ll find a whole bunch of .applescript files for use with Messages.

Has anyone here had any experience of deploying them, and if so, could you provide a sample workflow?

I’m surprised these are in .applescript format. Is Messages itself going to compile and execute these?

I found this from like a decade ago:

But i’m not sure whether these are still usable in Sierra.

(Alberto González Ramírez) #2

Yes Phil.
I use the AppleScript Handler to automate different chats.
In this forum and AppleScript mailing list, I have created a post with no response at the moment.

I have deployed the script and it works with a bug (I think) that I have reported to Apple.
And yes, .applescript format.
In my opinion, there´s lack of info with AppleScript handler for

(Phil Stokes) #3

Thanks for the reply, Alberto.

Yes, to my surprise, Messages is compiling and executing its own AppleScripts.

My user was actually trying to implement a screen sharing session using the auto accept script, but as I discovered after a bit of digging, that was only ever available in iChat:

This handler didn’t get included in Messages, so problem ‘resolved’ in the sense that, it can’t be done.

Sorry, I don’t have any insight on the problem you mention.